Unknown Devices

Unknown Devices Beta 1.4.

Identify all the devices attached to your PC


  • Reveals the names of mysterious components
  • Gives detailed info on components


  • Can't identify all components in all PCs
  • Database isn't updated regularly


Using Windows System Info in the Control Panel to identify what's connected to your PC can be a frustrating experience.

The problem is that many components, such as graphics cards and other internal chips, have generic manufacturer names that mean nothing to you unless you've got a degree in computing. Unknown Devices solves this problem by giving you a much fuller description of what each component really is.

Most of all however, it's useful for searching through your Device Manager for unknown devices and extracting information from it. This is also useful for anyone who needs to know the exact components they've got installed rather than just a general idea or having to open up your PC. You can run Unknown Devices from a CD or US stick too so it's a useful addition to any PC technician's toolbox especially if you're working on several PCs at once.

Unknown Devices is an excellent way to find out just what is attached to your PC without having to decipher generic names.

Unknown Devices


Unknown Devices Beta 1.4.

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